Joni and Friends, a US based NGO, in collaboration with Always Praising the Father (APF) Ministries has held its 10th Annual Retreat for children and families affected with disabilities at Moree in the Central Region.

The retreat, held from June 26 to July 2, is organized annually to relieve parents of these children from the responsibility of having to cater for the children for a week and to have time for themselves to be counselled and taught the word of God.

It also gives opportunity for the children to be checked health wise by physiotherapists who come from the United State of America each year.
Mr. Allan Fulton, Founder of APF, said God loves all the children and he knows best why they came with one disability or the other.

“These kids are special to God and for that matter very close to him. Love them and treat them well just as you would treat any of your other children with love, for it comes with so much blessings,” he entreated the parents.
Some items donated to the families include clothes, medicines, blankets, towels, soap, toothpaste and brush, antiseptics, diapers, toys, books among others.

Parents were taken through counselling and craft making while the Short Term Missionaries (STMs) took the children through Sunday school lessons and games.
The families expressed their joy for the opportunity to attend the retreat and also the hope given them throughout their stay.

“We now see our children in a different limelight in this short stay. It was so difficult for some of us to even take our children out because people would talk about their conditions and ask too many questions that will make you feel bad. But from this day onward, knowing the truth about how special our kids are, we will take them to church, market and anywhere we go,” some families expressed.

About eight families were present for the retreat.
The next International family retreat would be held at Santasi in the Ashanti Region from 17th to 23rd July.
Joni and Friends is a US based NGO that has spread its wings to over seventy other countries to help children with disabilities.

It has been in Ghana for the past ten years working hand in hand with APF and the Covenant Family Community Church to provide wheelchairs, clutches, medications and other necessities for families affected with variou