There was quiet surprise in Ilorin, the capital of Kwara State, on Tuesday when campaign posters of President Goodluck Jonathan were cited in strategic locations such as the Ilorin Central Eid-praying ground, where thousands of Muslims had gathered to pray.

The posters were also pasted in some other locations in city, among which were walls along the New Yidi Road.

Beneath the large photograph on the poster was written: ?Sponsored by Foundation for Empowerment and Uniting Nigerian Youths.?

The poster contained Jonathan?s picture and the map of Nigeria and a young unidentified man.

Some of the inscriptions on the posters read: ?Let the good work continue?, ?In culture in architecture and for the future, you are the best?, ?Support Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan for continuity?, ?He has done it. He is doing?He has also promised to do more despite the challenges?.

Meanwhile, with less than two years to Nigeria?s general elections, President Goodluck Jonathan is still popular among possible voters, as 54.251 per cent of respondents in a WorldStage online survey are positively disposed that he should seek re-election in 2015.

In the survey which asked ?Should President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria contest for the second term in the 2015 election?? only 45.749 per cent voted No.

In a previous WorldStage Survey published on June 11, 2013, which asked respondents to rate President Jonathan?s performance in two years in office, the majority at 53.125 per cent said poor; 3.125 per cent adjudged that he performed Excellently; 9.375 per cent rated him Good; and 34.375 per cent rated him Average.

The poll results are coming despite the fact that the President has vehemently denied signing a one-term agreement either officially or unofficially with any individual or group in 2011 as has been widely speculated

Jonathan, who spoke during his periodic media chat with a team of journalists last month, said: ?I have not signed agreement with anybody. If I have signed agreement, they would have shown you.

?We have laws in this country. I quite appreciate that Electoral Laws tend to regulate political activities. If you do it earlier, you will destabilize the country. Don?t force a President to declare. It is against the Electoral Law. It has time.

?I know that our electoral laws give people time to campaign but if you start early, you will create more problems for the system. I know what it takes to campaign, for you to go round the country, you will spend a lot of money in campaigning. The electoral law gives INEC the power to set time frame for politicians who are interested in elections to begin to inform Nigerians. If you do it earlier, you will destabilize the country.

“Any president, whether it is Goodluck Jonathan, as long as you still have the opportunity to contest, if you declare it early, you will create more problems in the system than solving the problems? So, don?t even force a president to declare his interest. It is even against the Electoral Act, even if it is not a sitting president. The electoral law has a time for political parties to conduct their primaries. Whatever you are doing is clandestine. You can tell your friends. A lot of people have been holding meetings silently, who has declared??

President Jonathan was first sworn in as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on 6 May 2010 following the death of President Umaru Yar’Adua on 5 May 2010.

He was sworn in again for a full first term of four years on May 29, 2011 after winning the general election against General Muhammadu Buhari and Nuhu Ribadu with 59 per cent of the votes.


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