President Goodluck Jonathan might have offended some powerful elites, who may want to stop his re-election, South West Secretary of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential campaign committee, Engr Jide Adeniji has said.
wpid-3-Goodluck-Jonathan.jpgAccording to him, some policies introduced by Jonathan in agriculture and transport sectors, meant to benefit the masses, in another way, blocked means of enrichment of other people.
The Chairman of Federal Road Maintenance Agency, (FERMA), ?spoke at a programme organized by the correspondents’ chapel of Nigeria Union of Journalists, NUJ, Osun state council.
He said, “Jonathan actually stepped on toes of some powerful people who had for long benefited from the old ways of doing things in Nigeria. Gradually power is improving and many people are still dealing in generator importation. These people would not ordinarily like him to continue in office.
“Before Akinwumi took over Ministry of Agriculture, few people have made several billions through fertilizer distribution scam. This category of people would not like Jonathan. Also, those involved in haulage, whose trucks would no longer have constant patronage because rail services are now available in every party of Nigeria will not want Jonathan back”.?
Adeniji, however, urged Nigerians to appreciate the efforts of the President by voting for him on?February 14.
“However, Nigerians that are enjoying these infrastructures should be able to rise behind Mr President and ensure he returns to office on?February 14” Adeniji added.
Commenting on the chances of PDP winning the election, he said All Progressives Congress Presidential candidate, Maj. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), does not have the mental capacity to lead Nigeria.
He also expressed doubt that Buhari’s role in coups and denial of Nigeria?s return to democratic rule would make him unconstitutional like Jonathan.
?He added, ?I respect Gen. Buhari; he is an elderly man, but Buhari does not have the mental capability to rule Nigeria. Some people ruled Nigeria and did not build anything, they did not do anything to uplift the standard of education.
?No way, President (Goodluck) Jonathan won?t hand over power to an S75 holder. His certificate is in doubt. Is that the kind of leader Nigeria needs now? No? he stressed
Concerning the chances of PDP in South West, Adeniji said “the region is not owned by any party, but will rather vote based on what they can see. The choice of Osinbajo won’t sway victory in favour of APC.”


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