President Goodluck Jonathan on Sunday, confirmed he has received the report of the three-man administrative Panel of enquiry set up to probe the Aviation Minister, Stella Odua ‘s role in the purchase of? two bullet proof cars.

President Goodluck Jonathan had in October instituted the enquiry to probe the process followed in the procurement of two bullet proof cars for the Aviation Minister. The two cars were allegedly bought for N225million.

The panel was given the assignment to investigate the Minister’s role in the procurement process with regards to the armoured vehicles, to ascertain whether the process of purchase complied with due process requirement.

The three-man panel, which was chaired by the immediate former Head of Service of the Federation, Isa Sali Bello, also has the National Security Adviser (NSA), Sambo Dakusi and another Defence Intelligence expert, Dick Iruenebere, as members.

However speaking to State House Correspondents on his arrival at the Presidential wing of the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport, Abuja Sunday evening, the President, was silent on the state of the report or whether government has decided to act on it.

He thanked Nigerians for the show of love and concern towards him over his health issues, saying: “I had health challenges, we thank God again because the concern showed by Nigerians.

“First let me thank and appreciate Nigerians for the show of love and concern. First on Wednesday, even though I was in London I read how people congratulated me, remembering my birthday that I don’t normally celebrate anyway.

“I really had some health challenges I have to thank God again because, the concern shown my Nigerians and the love. I thank God that I am very okay to resume work I believe from this night”.

He added that “The most important thing is that I am back. You will expect that when you are holding a political office as the president of a country, anything that affects you attract a lot of attention. So that the President is sick alone even if you don’t know ailment definitely it will cause apprehension”.

President Jonathan also disclosed that he will be meeting with the G7 Governors but did not state when the meetings will take place.

“I don’t know I am just coming in, I believe within the week we will be able to meet. Politics is about discussion, we belong to the same political party or even people from different political parties engaged in political discussion and political discussion is a continuous process, even during election people discuss. So we will continue to discuss,” he said.

Reacting to reports that he was abandoned by his ministers at the conference in London, the President debunked the claims, stating that the Ministers were not meant to stay through all the meetings

“All of them performed very well. I think there are some kind of misconception. The? Honorary International Investor Forum meets two times in a year, one in Nigeria and one outside Nigeria, sometimes is London most cases is London, the last time it was France or so.

“Ministers are not meant to sit throughout the period. Ministers are meant to go and make presentations even in Nigeria. The only person that normally sits throughout is the Minister of Trade and Investment that warehouses the HIIC. Some ministers don’t normally sit for two days, in a day you may not see a minister. If a minister is meant to make a presentation on the second day, is not that for the two days you will expect all the ministers.

“Because I read some of the perception in the media, that the minister of communication technology was not there on Thursday, the minister of petroleum was there on Thursday. They were not meant to make presentation on Thursday, they appeared on Friday and made their presentation. Even in Nigeria, I even sit more in the meeting because is a group that advises the President, if I’m not there the Vice President takes over. ?

“Myself or the Vice President, trade and investment, CBN Governor, Economic Adviser, Finance Minister, Planning are the ones are the ones who stay more. So there is no issue about ministers, people make a lot of insinuations out of nothing,” he explained.


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