Joe Ogbodu, Warri

Barely a week after President Goodluck Jonathan visited Olu of Warri, Ogiame Atuwatse II, the Itsekiri nation on Tuesday declared that Jonathan doesn’t deserve their vote.

Arising from the palace of Olu of Warri, Itsekiri people under the auspices of Itsekiri Legacy Rebirth (ILR), led by Dr Alex Ideh said they would vote down Jonathan because according to them he is a ‘promise broker’.

For instance, the group said that Jonathan disappointed millions of Nigerians not just Itsekiri people or Deltans when he reneged in his promise to perform the ground-breaking ceremony of the Ogidigben Export Processing Zone (EPZ) last November.

According to the group, President Jonathan had failed to keep his promises, saying that besides the President’s disregard for faith keeping, he personally does not see him as one with capacity to lead Nigeria right.
Ideh said that he considered it a duty to enlighten Itsekiri people to vote against Jonathan while maintaining that his people?s votes would go to the All Progressives Congress (APC).

?My position has always been very clear about this; Itsekiri will do APC this time around, very certain about that, Itsekiri will do APC, so if you see many of our members being APC, it?s just coincidence.

?I don?t see this President as someone who has capacity, I think Buhari will do a better job, I have said so times without number without mincing words and it?s in my place to guide my people and guide them right.

?The several postponement of the EPZ ground breaking ceremony is one of the reasons we say the President does not keep his words. This is a President who promised in the presence of millions of Nigerians that he?s coming to do the ground breaking.

“He broke his promise, not only to Itsekiri, but to the people of Delta state and to the whole of Nigeria, the whole of Nigeria would have benefitted from that project. Slowing it down was not the best and there was no reason for him to have done that” Ideh maintained.

The socio-political pressure group said they were in the palace of Olu of Warri to present some of its members contesting for political offices in next month?s elections.

He said ?we have come to showcase our members; members of Itsekiri Legacy Rebirth, who are vying for positions in the coming elections. That is what we have come to do. His Majesty was very satisfied that we have presented to him credible Itsekiri young men who are running for offices?.


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