Information reaching Global Village Extra has it that anxiety and fear have gripped President Jonathan?s kitchen cabinet ahead of the forth coming presidential election.

wpid-PRESIDENT-Goodluck-Jonathan1.jpgA very reliable security source yesterday, scooped to this news medium that the fear of losing the presidential election scheduled for 28 March is causing serious commotion amongst members of the President?s cabinet.

The ministers, who are said to be scared with the rate at which Buhari?s favorability is growing by every second, according to our impeccable source, have concluded that the chance of President Jonathan winning reelection is getting very slim by the day.

According to our source, the coordinating minister of Economy, Dr. Okonjo Iweala, last week summoned the meeting of her security aides and allegedly doled out N50m as parting gift in anticipation of the fall of the Jonathan administration in two weeks time.

The source, a highly placed Aso Rock insider said: ?She called the orderly one and the police orderly two, and told them that anything can happen, and ?I don?t want you guys to say madam didn?t settle us before the government was ousted?, so she gave the two men N50m as parting gift?.

While it could not be confirmed as at the time of filling this report, Global Village Extra also reliably gathered that the President has started moving out some of his property from the Villa.

The source alleged that the president has also moved his aged mother out of Aso Rock ahead of the election.

Source: Global Village Extras


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