As In Touch magazine first reported, on Aug. 15, a custody exchange between Jon and Kate Gosselin of their 13-year-old daughter Hannah grew so contentious that police were called and Hannah ended up being taken to a hospital via ambulance.

Now Jon’s mother, who was an eyewitness, is speaking out to In Touch exclusively as the situation grows worse and worse.

“I would never have believed that a scene could be so horrible until I witnessed the custody exchange myself. How can a judge allow physical force to remove a child?” Jon’s mother tells In Touch. (Police were on the scene and allowed Kate to take custody of Hannah.)

“Kate thinks there is nothing wrong with her, so she would never subject herself to going to therapy,” she continues. “But she needs psychological help.”

“Hannah told me that Kate made her and her brothers and sisters all chant, ‘We will not visit Jon,’” says Jon’s mom. “Not even ‘We will not visit Daddy.’ She makes them say ‘Jon.’”

The teen’s relationship with her siblings has also suffered according to her paternal grandmother. “When Hannah finally went home after the custody incident and a trip to the hospital, Hannah told me that her sisters and brothers shunned her and wouldn’t talk to her,” she tells In Touch. “Hannah says Kate told them not to talk to her to teach her a lesson.”

On Aug. 17, “the judge took away Jon’s 50/50 custody of Hannah and claimed he had manipulated her so she would not want to visit with her mother,” according to a source. “The judge also separated Hannah and Jon for 30 days.” Jon’s visitation with the other kids has also been cut down. He can no longer see the other children, adds the source, “except for a couple of hours on Sundays in a park.”

Jon’s mom desperately hopes he’ll get his kids back someday — and that the entire family will get the help they need. “After eight years and hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal bills, there should be a psych evaluation for the whole family,” Jon’s mom tells In Touch. “And after everything that has happened, I demand a psych evaluation for Kate.”


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