John Legend helped ring in the holiday season by debuting a brand new song on Monday, November 30. The singer shared “Under the Stars” which he wrote and recorded as part of Stella Artois’ “Give Beautifully” holiday campaign.

Honoring the brand’s name “Stella” which directly translates to “star” in Latin, the ballad features Legend singing over the piano and sleigh bells about families, friends and lovers gathering “under the stars” for the upcoming festivity.

“I’ve collaborated with some figurative stars before, but this is the first time I’ve done something with literal stars,” said Legend. “For the holiday season, Stella Artois and I came together to give a gift, a song that’s inspired by the stars. In this song, we’re hearing the noises that stars make.”

In a chat with PEOPLE, Legend explained more about the song. “I wanted to write a song that was all about uniting people all around the world together under the stars,” he shared. “The whole idea, of course, is to ‘give beautifully’ and this was our gift to America.”



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