Ghanaian movie super star John Dumelo has admitted that there is a lot of obscenity in recent Ghanaian movies but says the idea is to express reality in the story line.

‘Gone are the days you will see a man and a woman under a blanket then the blanket will be shaking; then I used to say, ‘den koraa mpo nie’? To wit, what all is this?’

‘We are trying to remove the blanket small, but sometimes we cross the line, sometimes people complain a lot that we are doing too much. Yes we are doing too much,’ he admitted.

John however was quick to add that movie producers were trying their possible best to limit such nudity in recent movies.

‘Sometimes we do it too much but sometimes it’s very relevant for that particular story’, he asserted, adding, ‘the Americans, when it comes to love stories, they really do it well, they show the kind of chemistry between the two characters so that is what we are trying to do’.

The award winning actor revealed he had gotten some flak for certain roles he played and said he got worried when people could not differentiate between a movie character and the person.

‘It really gets to me but I must confess that we cross the line; we do too much sometimes but we just want the story to be real; that is why we do those things,’ he stated.

Speaking to XFM 95.1 on the ‘Big Bite show’, John Dumelo added that movie-loving fans sometimes demanded such scenes.

‘Sometimes it’s just the demand, it’s just what people would love to see’.

John Dumelo also lauded movie producers who invested in film making and said producers who would not want to invest big monies to churn out quality work would only reap mediocrity.

Touching on the name ‘Ghallyhood’ and the seeming controversy it has generated, John Dumelo said a name for Ghana’s movie industry was not necessarily important if it wouldn’t bring about the needed change.

Story by King Ambrose Edward Addo/ Xfm 95.1/


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