Joan Rivers
Joan Rivers


It seems almost all the celebrities in USA have so much love for their dogs than the humans. They always leave their dogs something even if they are no more on this earth and late comedienne, Joan Rivers is no exception to that Pet Will. I wonder if this can ever happen in Ghana.

While Joan Rivers had stated while she was alive that daughter Melissa and grandson Cooper would inherit all her wealth, no one knew it was a sum of $150 million.

This includes?a$35 million NYC apartment?and her $40 million per year, QVC fortune.

Taking a bite out of River?s fortune are 4 dogs:?Samantha and Teegan,these are her two NYC rescue dogs, plus Jack Russell Terrier and a Border Collie in California.

These dogs wont be left out of her fortunes.

Such things can never happen in Ghana. To get a dog a property whiles the uncles and aunties are there.

These are pictures of her New York Apartment.

What can a dog do with these? Still thinking

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