President Kikwete yesterday met with US Assistant Secretary of State for Africa Johnie Carsons for official talks during which he appealed for more investments in the power sector from the US.

According to a press statement availed to The Guardian yesterday in Dar es Salaam, the government plan was to get 3,000 megawatts by 2020.

“We need investment in order to achieve the country’s goals of having sufficient power …the government alone cannot invest in power sector, we need private investors,” President Kikwete said in a statement.

He applauded the US for its big support to the development of Tanzania in various sectors, including agriculture, health, and energy.

Carsons is on official tour of Africa and he arrived in the country on Wednesday from Mozambique. He is expecting to visit other countries, including Nigeria and Ghana.

Apart from US government officials, Carsons has been accompanied by members of his country’s business community in the energy sector, including those from Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, Caterpillar, Chevron, Energy International and General Electric.

Other companies are Pike Electric Corporation, Strategic Urban Development Alliance (SUDA), Symbion and Zanbato, which deals with providing investment opportunities and markets through internet.

The delegation involved officials of government organisations like Corporate Council on Africa (CCA) and US Trade and Development Agency. A US firm, Symbion Power Company, have already invested in the production of 50 megawatts of power in Arusha, 112 megawatts in Dar es Salaam and 50 megawatts in Dodoma. It has also started constructing 50 megawatt power projects in Morogoro and Mwanza regions.

Meanwhile, President Kikwete bid farewell to China Ambassador to Tanzania Liu Ximsheng, who has completed his term.

Kikwete expressed thanks to the Chinese government for its contribution to the government of Tanzania during Ximsheng’s tenure of service.

Source The Guardian



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