Jimmy Kimmel has just shared his story of a painful experience he had when undergoing two penis surgeries. The comedian revealed at the South by Southwest over the weekend that his urethra once closed up.

Jimmy Kimmel

Met later on the SXSW set of ?Jimmy Kimmel Live!?, he told E! News, ?It just kind of closed up on it?s own. I don?t know why it happened. I still don?t know why.? He had to have two surgeries as the first one didn?t work.

?The guy said, ?Your urethra?s closing up and you need it operated on,? and they did,? he shared. ?And then they said, ?Yeah, we didn?t get it, it didn?t quite work. We need to do it again.? And they did it again.?

True to his comedic nature, Kimmel was still able to make a joke out of the ?horrible process.? ?I?m a real pee hole,? he said, ?It?s a horrible process by the way-a horrible horrible process.?

Also at the SXSW, Kimmel said to E! that he wanted Kanye West to read some mean tweets when the rapper appears on his show this coming Friday, March 20. ?I wonder if we?ve ever asked him,? he said. ?We?ll definitely ask him.? He added, ?Maybe we?ll run it by Kim [Kardashian] first. She seems more relaxed with that sort of thing.?

Kimmel, however, wasn?t sure if Kim Kardashian would be coming to Austin with her husband Kanye. ?I don?t know who?s coming along but they do have the baby,? he said. ?I brought my baby. It?s one thing to hang around Austin and stay out late. It?s another thing when the baby wakes up at 6:45. I don?t know if you could hear, but it?s already taken a toll on my voice.?

Kimmel is filming ?Jimmy Kimmel Live!? in Austin, Texas this week for the SXSW festival.

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