The report of the ongoing National Conference Standing Committee on Security can resolve Nigeria?s current security challenge if implemented by the Federal Government.

This is contained in a statement issued by the Assistant Secretary, Media and Communications, Mr James Akpandem, in Abuja on Friday.

The statement said that the Chairman of the committee, Muhammed Jimeta, said this while deliberating on a report submitted by Bello Yusuf, a member of the Sub-Committee on National Security.

The statement said Jimeta expressed confidence that the blueprint would enable security forces to perform better.

It said Jimeta, who was a former Inspector-General of Police, said “the report held a lot of promise as a good policy document on national security??.

The statement also quoted the Deputy Chairman of the committee, Chief Albert Horsfall, as saying that security issues arising from the three tiers of government have not been properly coordinated among the security agencies.

“Unlike the envisaged chain of operation, everybody seems to be taking decisions without relating to the next level.

“But if properly handled, the flow of the chain could solve the community policing issue being discussed by the committee,?? the statement stated.

It stated that recommendations aimed at strategically dealing with the country?s security problems were put forward by the sub-committee.

According to the statement, details and the position of the larger committee after the closed session have not been disclosed to the public.

It, however, stated that highlights of the sub-committee recommendations focused on the need to set up a National Guard Force that should be responsible for border protection, internal conflict and special operations.

“The sub-committee also recommended creation of the Ministry of Homeland Security Services to replace the existing Ministry of Police Services.?

“One recommendation that would lead to further debate was that of the serious need for community policing.

“Some members believe if accepted, it will pave the way for creation of state police.??

The statement noted that the committee also recommended welfare and disciplinary commission to be created to handle issues of motivation and discipline among personnel of security agencies.

The committee has 24 members with 11 retired military personnel, nine of whom are generals, and three retired top police officers.

The statement said some of the committees had started collating reports of their sub-committees for final submission to the conference in plenary.


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