Veteran Ghanaian Highlife musician, Jewel Ackah, has advised young musicians to be mindful of doing songs for political parties during the election period.

He noted that they should exercise caution in their decisions hence it amounts to stepping on people?s toes and it is likely to affect their career as musicians.

?When you do that you end your career, people stop purchasing your album and you fade out of the system?, he reiterated.

Speaking on Pluzz Fm on Monday with host Sammy Flex, Jewel Ackah hinted that he has regretted going into politics and added that he had a bitter experience after the elections.

He noted that when he made the track for the then NDC candidate, Former President John Rawlings, he did not ask for anything in return, since he was scared; although the former President had asked him of how much he wants to be paid. According to him, he was neglected after he rejected the money.

?NDC does not give money; you have to work on your own. I waited for their 1st term, 2nd term, until Former President Rawlings? term was over?, he stressed.

Jewel Ackah in his interview hinted that, he declined to do another song for the party after his previous experience till the late President Atta Mills convinced him to record another track for the NDC party.

After I recorded the song for the party, I went through difficulty but I did not complain when things were not working out for me?, he added.

?After that composition I became a typical NDC .The guys from the diplomatic platform brought me some presents. I did the song for free; and if I were supposed to charge for it will be over billions of cedis?, he emphasized.

The veteran musician hinted that although he was not paid for the song, now that he is handicapped and can?t take care of himself, the NDC members and big shots are now taking care of him. Jewel, was quick add that he has learnt a big lesson and will not offer himself for that task again although he loves the NDC.

Born Jewel Ackah in February 1945, Jewel has performed with several veteran highlife artistes of which Pat Thomas and A.B. Crenstil are inclusive. In the 2008 parliamentary and presidential elections, he was seen singing for the NDC in several TV and radio commericials.Like other musicians who threw their wait for one political party or the other, Jewel publicly declared his support for the NDC party singing at major political campaign platforms.

Source -The General Telegraph


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