A flight with passengers’ interest at heart

Besides being a subsidiary of jet airways, Jet airways konnect has managed to maintain its status as a leading low priced and affordable air travel service provider.  Since its debut, the airline has since grown to become the best fully privatized airlines that are operational courtesy of jet air. This has since seen an increase in the number of passenger using the airlines service. The airline is preferred by most travelers for providing world class travel experiences. As the airline continues to gain much popularity amongst travelers, there is an increase in demand for the travel services attributed to the competition characteristic nature of the industry.

The airline currently operates more than 100 daily flights to different destinations across the country.

This is supported by its fleet of modern advanced airplanes that consists of 107 aircrafts. Jet airways konnect has equally made a lot of emphasis on its air ticketing procedures allowing passengers to choose from the available booking options they find to be most suitable to them. This allows you to enjoy the convenience of making flight reservations from the comfort of your home via the internet. The airline has also provided a wide range of promotional offers that include discounts coupons for passengers.

With its flight service dating back to march 2010,  jet airways konnect has managed to enhance its domestic network adding to its fleet new planes that have served as a sure guarantee not only  for customer satisfaction but also for discounted flight rates.

The airline has grown into a renowned economy class domestic flight service provider in the country. Connecting with more than five major passenger destinations such as Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai, the airline also serves several other destinations. Together, jet airways and the all economical, no frills sub – branch airline “jet airways konnect” are responsible for operating over 300 daily flights.

Just like any other airline jet airways konnect guarantee customer satisfaction In its own unique way. This includes special on board services that allure more customers from across the country to use their travel services. The flexibility in service delivery by the airline extends down from the alternative booking and flight reservation procedures to payment options.  Jet airways konnect has evidently grown to become a very popular flight service provider amongst various passengers with this mainly attributed to its additional attractive features and flight routes all which meet individual demands of travelers.

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