Jessie J
Jessie J

Jessie J is hopeful she will be allowed to return to ‘The Voice’ to perform one of her songs after quitting as a coach.


The ‘Price Tag’ hitmaker announced last month she will not be returning as a coach on the BBC One show’s third series because she wants to concentrate on her music career, but she is keen to sing on the programme when she has a new single to promote.

She said: “I’ll be a fan of the show and I’ll watch it and I’ll hopefully be a guest if I can go on and perform. But someone else is going to have to fill my big red chair.”

The 25-year-old star insists she wasn’t “physically” able to return for a third series of ‘The Voice’ because she would have only been available on two of the 42 days of filming for the programme.

Speaking on Radio 2, she added: “They sent me the diary for 42 days of filming and I was busy for 40 days of that on tour. So I literally physically can not do it.”

Less than two weeks after Jessie’s announcement, Danny O’Donoghue revealed he will also not be back for a third series of the show in order to focus on his music career.

Fellow coaches Sir Tom Jones and are yet to say whether they will return for the next season or not.


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