A member of the NDC Communications team, Victor Herman Condoberry believes the founder of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Jerry John Rawlings will not leave the NDC to join the National Democratic Party as being speculated.

In his view, there is still time for members of the NDC to unite for victory in the December 2012 elections and so there is no need for a new political party to be formed with the former president of Ghana being a pivotal part of it.

Speaking on e.tv Ghana?s Breakfast TV on Monday morning, Mr. Condoberry stated that all interested parties should be judicious in their pronouncement about the founder of the NDC being part of the new party.

?I will want to caution people who think he is necessarily part or not part of it (NDP). Let?s wait and see and knowing Rawlings, I know he won?t leave the NDC for the NDP,? he stated.

?If you have a problem with your family, you still stay with them and not change your surname,? he spoke proverbially.

Certain that Jerry Rawlings will not be part of the new political party, he stated that he ?will be shocked if Rawlings sacrificed his legacy and joined the National Democratic Party?.

He again took time to caution opposition parties who feel the chance to wrestle power from the NDC has been made brighter with the formation of the National Democratic Party.

?If someone thinks the NDC will lose the elections because of the formation of the NDP, then that is a failure,? he said.

The National Democratic Party somewhere last week presented its forms to the Electoral Commission to indicate that it has been formed.

Some of the leading members of the new party presented its application forms to the Electoral Commission last week Wednesday to indicate that the new party will contest the 2012 December and future elections.

The symbol of the new party is a white flying dove, carrying a ?Gye Nyame? emblem against the background of black, red, white and green colours.

A former General Secretary of the NDC, Dr Josiah Ayeh is the interim National Chairman while Dr Mamboa Rockon is the interim General Secretary of the new party.

The NDC late last week released a statement to indicate that the association of the founder of the NDC to the party cannot be genuine and that links to the NDP are mere speculation.

Benjamin Agyei-Boateng/ happyghana.com


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