Faustina Appiadu

A NURSING mother, Mary Abadu and her newborn baby were drenched to the skin on Thursday morning after an aggressive wife poured a mixture of water, sand and washing powder on them, reportedly because Mary was having an affair with her husband.

Faustina Appiadu popularly known as Abena took the action around 11:30am at the gate of the Child Welfare Clinic Centre at Apitikooko, a farming community near Obuasi where the complainant was attending the post natal clinic.

The suspect was arrested by the police and detained but has since been granted a police enquiry bail pending further investigation into the case.

DSP Sophia Eva Enim, Obuasi Divisional Police Commander of Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU) told DAILY GUIDE the nursing mother and her baby had their nostrils, mouths and ears filled with sand particles as a result of the incident.

According to the police chief, both the suspect, Faustina Appiadu, and the complainant, Mary Abadu, had been cohabitating with one Yaw Appiadu.

Faustina, 24 was the first to meet Appiadu, but because she could not have children, Yaw started another relationship with Mary, 23, who recently gave birth to a baby boy.

DSP Sophia said this brought about tension between the rivals amidst the casting of insinuations and aspersions on one another.

Faustina?s rage reached boiling point that Thursday morning and she subsequently launched the attack on her rival after laying ambush for her around the Apitikooko Community Child Welfare Clinic centre where Mary was billed to seek post natal care, the DOVVSU commander stated.

The paper gathered that some bystanders who were present at the scene were also affected by the horrible act.

DSP Sophia narrated that the suspect, a chemical seller, lived in the same vicinity with the complainant in the farming community.

She said the suspect, for some time now had been harassing and insulting Mary over her relationship with her husband.

Faustina failed to budge regardless of advice from Yaw to desist from her bad conduct and had persistent confrontations with the complainant.

On September 20, 2012, at about 11:30am, DSP Sophia indicated that the suspect decided to close her shop and went to lay ambush at the centre designated for the ?weighing? of children where she waited for the arrival of the complainant.

Faustina, who went armed with a mixture of sand, water and washing powder in a container, immediately poured the concoction on the complainant and her baby at the entrance of the child welfare clinic without saying a word to her.

 From Ernest Kofi Adu, Kumasi

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