JAVSALYNN Foundation, a foundation that was awarding scholarships to Ghanaian students to pursue undergraduate and post graduate studies abroad, until 2005, when its operations have been purportedly stalled by strict machinations from some political figures at the time, has re-launched its operations in Ghana.

The Foundation which was incorporated and certified to commence business on 13th?January 2000, had its operations suddenly came to a standstill when investigations into its activities were launched, with frivolous allegations that do not have any merit brought against it.

Impediments were put in place to facilitate a process to ensure Javsalynn go down the abyss.

In doing so, this paper has gathered that, the President and Founder, Mr. Sammuel Addy had to face serious investigations from the security services, tried by the courts, maligned, prosecuted and incarnated.

Today, the court has exonerated Javsalynn from all the charges for want of prosecution, as students and beneficiaries came to accept the fact that lots of them do not understand the processes at the time and hence fell victims to the machinations against Javsalynn.

Javsalynn, which was doing a good job at the time, did not force students to patronize their programmes but rather, students became interested after reading the advertisement.

It has also been established that, since the foundation deals with foreign institutions and examinations they arrange with the West African Examinations Council to administer the examinations, and applicants were aware of the forms, interviews and processing fess which were not refundable before starting the search and placement process.

The re-launch of the foundation has become a great opportunity, once again, for students who welcome the move.

Students present at the re-launch, who spoke to this paper, are enthused about the coming back of Javsalynn, praying the banks to assist Javsalynn in achieving the goals and objectives of building a better education base and assisting Ghanaian students.

The Director of JAVSALYNN Foundation, Gideon Ayikoi spoke about how the foundations operations came to a halt. According to him, because of the machinations received from some political figures at the time, most people and institutions with affiliation to the foundation withdrew their support making the foundation redundant.

Giving his Keynote Address, Ras Mubarak, the National Coordinator of the National Youth Authority, indicated that the NDC government remains focus, passionate and committed to creating opportunities for the youth, and this, he noted would be achieved through the delivery of quality education.

He also noted that government will put the issues confronting the youth at the topmost of its priorities so as to find best ways of addressing problems the face.

?For us to move forward there must be real process, and government alone cannot champion that process, it demands the support of all,? he said.

Ras Mubarak also mentioned that it is about time government re-focus its attention on the many challenges facing the youth as regards education and employment, averring that development of any nation depends on how educated and innovative its youth are to champion the development agenda.

He commended JAVSALYNN Foundation for the re-launch asking the leadership to work assiduously to address some of the educational shortfalls in the country.


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