A shirtless Jason Derulo looked super hot while relaxing at poolside on the cover of Billboard Magazine?s latest issue.


In an interview with Billboard, the ?Wiggle? crooner talked about his new album, split from Jordin Sparks,  and his childhood.

On his split from Jordin Sparks: ?I do get tired of playing nice. Especially when people think I did something wrong, or that she broke up with me. But it?s so behind me.?

On his upcoming album: ?You can?t pull me out of the studio. Songwriting is a muscle. The more you do it, the better you get at it.?

On his childhood: ?My mom says I was an introvert. I never saw myself that way, but I was always focused. I didn?t spend a lot of time doing things that I didn?t think would make me great. I studied all kinds of dance, all types of music. I got good grades. I started hitting the recording studio around 13.?

The issue hits newsstands May 25


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