Jared Leto
Jared Leto

Jared Leto asked a grieving fan to be the lead actor in the band’s latest music video, after hearing how he had played his band’s music at his father’s funeral.

The ’30 Second to Mars’ frontman asked the German man to appear in the band’s video for ‘Do or Die’ after hearing about his father’s tragic death.

The music video was filmed during the band’s globe-spanning summer tour and sees many fans sharing their experiences about the band, and Jared said he was so touched by the story of how the man played one of his band’s tracks at his father’s funeral he had to use it at the start.

He said: “At the show in Austria… he shared this story about losing his father, and what it taught him, it was really an organic and serendipitous and beautiful way to begin.”

The 41-year old frontman also said he ditched his summer holiday to make the video.

He added to MTV: “It was going to be the first-ever planned summer vacation of my entire adult life. I blacked out the time and said I was going to do it, and then, lo and behold, it went from an overzealous three weeks, to two weeks, then a week, then five days, then nothing. “But, in exchange, I have this beautiful little film. I got these experiences with these people I’ll never forget, so it’s a fine trade-off for me.

“Every single person has a moment in their life, something that they’ve found a solution for, a story to tell.”


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