What?s the first rule about being in Japanese pop group AKB48? That?s right, don?t talk about Fight Club. Wait, no, actually it?s ?no dating.? Member Minami Minegishi, 20, broke this rule, and as an act of penance that is both baffling and severe, she shaved her head and issued a tearful apology to the group?s fans. Minegishi was photographed leaving the apartment of a 19-year-old member of the boy band Exile, and she caught hell from the group?s management afterward.

The members of AKB48 are routinely marketed for their ?implied availability? to fans, and Minegishi?s actions compromised this illusion. In her video, Minegishi called her actions ?thoughtless and immature? and pleaded for fans to forgive her. [Source]

 Minami Minegishi



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