NEW DELHI — India’s northeast region was jolted early Monday by an earthquake measuring 6.8 on the Richter scale with its epicenter at India-Myanmar border, said local media.


Tremors were also felt in eastern India’s West Bengal state, said TV channel Times Now. (India-Earthquake)
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RIYADH — Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister announced on Saturday to cut diplomatic ties with Iran and asked all Iranian diplomats to leave within 48 hours, local media reported.

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said he had informed the UN Security Council of the attack on the Saudi diplomatic mission in Iran late Saturday, adding that those Saudi diplomats had reached Dubai, the UAE, safely. (S.Arabia–Iran-Tie Cut)
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DAMASCUS — The Islamic State (IS) group threatened to invade the UK in a new video on Sunday, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

In the video, an unnamed IS executioner with British accent called British Prime Minister David Cameron an “imbecile,” before executing five men who appeared shackled and dressed in orange boiler suits. They were accused of spying against the IS for the UK. (IS-UK-Invasion)
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MAZAR-I-SHARIF, Afghanistan — Heavy clashes were going on in northern Afghan town of Mazar-i-Sharif on Sunday night after gunmen seized a building and attacked the nearby Indian Consulate office, sources said. ‘

“Two bombers detonated suicide bombs at a hotel entrance at around 8:30 p.m. (1600 GMT). The second squad of attackers succeeded in entering the building and fired on consulate office. They also exchanged fire with security forces with heavy weapons and grenades,” a security source told Xinhua anonymously. (Afghanistan-India-Attack) Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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