KUALA LUMPUR — Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah ascended the throne of Malaysia’s Pahang state on Tuesday, ahead of the country choosing its new head of state.

Sultan Abdullah took his oath in front of some 1,600 guests, comprising royal families, state government leaders and community leaders, according to state news agency Bernama.(Malaysia-Sultan Abdullah)
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CANBERRA — Australia’s top law enforcement agency has introduced stricter internal firearm regulations after four officers took their own lives.


Two Australian Federal Police (AFP) officers committed suicide using their service weapons at the force’s Canberra headquarters within six weeks in late 2018. (Australia-Firearm Regulations)
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SYDNEY — Researchers at Australia’s University of Queensland (UQ) have made a major breakthrough in ultrasound technology which they believe could greatly improve technologies, from medical imaging, to unmanned aerial vehicles.

The team described on Monday how they used modern nanofabrication and nanophotonics to make extremely precise ultrasound sensors, small enough to fit on a silicon chip. (Australia-Ultrasound Technology)
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CANBERRA — The number of Australians who want the nation’s migrant intake to grow has fallen by a third since 2010, a study has found.
A survey published by Australian National University (ANU) researchers on Tuesday revealed that 30.4 percent of Australians believed the country needed more people, down from 45.8 percent in 2010. (Australia-Migrant Intake) Enditem


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