wpid-wpid-NPP2.jpgA Deputy Minister for Interior, James Agalga has described the New Patriotic Party (NPP) as ?bad losers? because of the posture they have adopted in the aftermath of the December elections.

According to him, the party is engaged in what he sees as the tendering of ?selective evidence? in the ongoing election petition case.

?We have never said that one cannot make errors in the conduct of elections, what we have said is that, the NPP are bad losers.?

Speaking on Citi FM?s news and current analysis program, the Big Issue, Lawyer James Agalga indicated that the errors found on the face of the pink sheet were only clerical errors which had minimal effect on the outcome of the general election.

This was because there were other primary sources of verifying results.

The MP for Builsa North, Hon. Agalga however rebutted allegations suggesting there were irregularities at various polling stations across the country.

?On the day of elections, ballot papers were issued, sorting was done, and voting took place in full glare of polling agents who had every right to raise protest in the face of any irregularity but we did not have any of that? he added.

Mr. Agalga insisted that the decision by the petitioners to present selected pink sheets was deliberate.

?If you look at the type of evidence they have brought before the court, that evidence has been selective. When they were cross examining Bawumia you saw how pink sheets from Ashanti region where Akufo-Addo won massively had similar mistakes on face of the pink sheet but they conveniently chose not to bring that as part as their evidence.?



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