Kingston, the capital city of Jamaica is an integral part of the island country. No Jamaica holidays are completed without visiting Kingston. The city allows you to experience perfect blend of culture, history, traditions and nightlife. There are few magnificent museums in the capital city and Bob Marley Museum is the most popular one. If you are a music lover and want to know about the life of father of reggae i.e., Bob Marley, you cannot miss out on visiting this museum.

Bob Marley Museum is the most visited site in the entire city. Today’s museum was once residence of the singer-songwriter. In this clapboard house, Bob Marley spent his last years. While walking around the museum, you can go through Marley memorabilia. You can also enjoy screenings of movies based on the singer’s life. Hardcore reggae fans never miss on visiting this museum while enjoying holidays in Jamaica.

Another worth visiting museums in Kingston is National Gallery.

This is a must visit attraction for art lovers. This is not among the most popular attractions in the city. However, if you are fond of arts, you cannot afford to ignore the museum. While walking through the alleys of the gallery, you get an opportunity to take a closer look at magnificent artworks of renowned artists especially Edna Manley. She was one of the most famous sculptors and came into prominence in 19th century. Moreover, she was the wife of Jamaica’s Ex- Prime Minister. Large number of art lovers plan cheap holidays to Jamaica and visit this museum to take a look at bronze statue of Bob Marley by Christopher Gonzales.

Devon House is one of the most important historical sites in the city.

History lovers arranging holidays to Montego Bay, always travel to Kingston especially to spend time in this old mansion. This beautiful mansion was built by George Stiebel in 1881. Stiebel was among the first black millionaires in the entire Caribbean region. While strolling around the mansion, you would come across number of couple of restaurants, crafts shop, pastry shop and a bakery.

If you want to add freshness of nature to your holidays to Jamaica, make sure you are going to visit Hope Botanical Gardens. These gardens span over 50 acres and are located in the middle of Kingston. You can spend time in tranquil garden and establish a new relation of the nature. Main highlights in these gardens are orchid house, cactus garden, an ornamental pod and forest garden.

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