A majestic expression of royal era, Jaipur is the stunning capital city of Rajasthan in India and Jaipur holiday packages clearly presents most dignified image of the country.  With most of its edifices painted in color pink Jaipur creates mesmerizing scenery which is embellished with extravagant Mughal architecture, cultural scenes laden with jewels of performing art forms, eclectic bazaars and more.  As one heads for holiday packages in Jaipur the city unleashes its wealth of architectural, cultural and historic riches in front.  The saga of cultural and historical riches is profoundly recited via colorful performing art forms elevating the essence of Jaipur holidays.

As you pick Jaipur tour packages for your holidays in the country don’t miss out on following experiences:

Hike up to Amber Fort:  This splendid fort is situated on a hilltop in Jaipur and is considered the best place to enjoy aerial views of the gorgeous Pink City.  Situated about 11 km north of Jaipur, Amber Fort is a giant fort-palace complex which was originally constructed to provide a shield to the city against its foes.  It was painted a charming yellow pastel with which it glistens into a golden color when sunrays fall over it.  This extravagant fort was embellished with awe-inspiring architecture; it has significant collection of magnificent palaces such as Sheesh Mahal (Palace of Mirrors) which was artistically adorned with thousands of mirrors.  Take an elephant ride to reach the top of the fort to be able to enjoy stunning views of the city below.

Historic Visit to Hawa Mahal & City Mahal: Jaipur holiday packages are also adorned with wealth of other ornamental edifices such as Hawa Mahal and City Palace.  City Palace is a complex of splendid palaces which served as the seat of Maharaja of the region in yesteryears.

Hawa Mahal is the name given to a beautiful windy palace which was decked with hundreds of ornamental windows offering opening to the royal ladies from where they used to observe daily progressions of the city.

Visit the Effervescent Bazaars:  A visit to colorful bazaars in Jaipur is the ideal way to indulge in a shopping spree and to observe local life from close quarters also.  Select curios such as exquisite pottery, bright colored fabrics with Bandini print, silver jewelry, hand-woven carpets, gems, leatherwork, metalwork and more.

Experience Cultural Night: To give a perfect closure to your adorable Jaipur journey you must head for a cultural night at one of the popular hotels or resorts in the vicinity.  Here along with delectable Rajasthani cuisines to rural interiors and folk dance and music performances all will be availed to enlighten your evening.
Go for solo trip of Jaipur on a weekend or club this trip with Delhi and Agra visit to complete the Golden Triangle Tour circuit, either ways Jaipur will make sure it impresses and inspires the creative genes in you.  Jaipur holiday packages are for all the lovers of world cultures, music, dance and architecture.

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