Ghana's Democracy

The Joint Action For Civil Protection (JAFCP), has assured the Citizenry of their readiness to defend and protect Ghana’s democracy.

In a press release from JAFCP and copied to, States that “We have observed with serious concerns the attempt to destroy the pillars of Ghana’s democracy by very selfish individuals in responsible positions. This malicious attempt by surrogates of the governing New Patriotic Party has serious dire consequences on our democracy thereby threatening the enviable peace of this country.

Unfortunately, the history and events preceding this devilish attempt give reason to us to believe that this action is a grand scheme collusion by the current government and her collaborators to out the current Electoral Commissioner and thereby destroying the most single important institution of our democracy and also set a very bad precedence.

Our suspicions are fast becoming realities in the face of the disregard for the rule of law that has characterized the so called lawful impeachment process. It is more disgraceful to see the very institution that is empowered to uphold rule of law violating the chairperson of the electoral commission’s fundamental Human Rights.

It is the highest level of umpatriotism for the governing New Patriotic Party and her surrogates to hide behind state institutions to create chaos in this country.

The populace of Ghana took it easy when upon assumption of power in January, the government arbitrary released some Ghanaians off their working duties in some cases with very unbelievable reasons. We will not allow such abuse of power to corrupt the single most respected state institution which has earned a lot of respect and admiration from the region and beyond. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

We are very disappointed in civil society organizations, Religious groupings and political parties who instead of speaking out and stand up for the defense of the constitution, have gone surprisingly very mute and rather cowardly result to

Joint Action for Civil Protection wants to assure the citizenry of our readiness to defend and protect our democracy. As responsible citizens, we will discharge our responsibility to this country enshrined in the 1992 constitution by the defending
the constitution with our last sweat and to the peril of our lives. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

The current Tension growing up in the country is very avoidable. We call on all
civil society organizations, Political parties, Religious organization and the
international communities to wake up to the growing threat to the peace of this country.”

All media Houses
All Embassies
All political Parties
All Civil Society organization
Christian Council
Ghana Bishop Council
Ghana Pentecostal Council
National Chief Imam
National House of chiefs
National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS)
Ghana National Union of Technical Students (GNUTS)


Nana Osei Tutu (Otumfour) .
Communications Director

Jetty John Gyasi Mensah (JJ ).
Deputy Communications Director


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