The Western Region became the centre of attraction over the weekend when Independent presidential aspirant Jacob Osei Yeboah (JOY2012) paid a 3 day visit to the said Region.


Meanwhile over thousands of people gathered at the Takoradi market circle being the market circle to welcome the independent presidential aspirant among them were traders, school children and many other stakeholders. Jacob explained that, the Independent Presidential System (IPS) is the only alternative to political party system as enshrined in the constitution and the only panacea to build cohesive society that can use meritorious expertise of all a Ghanaian to form Unity Government.

Mr. Yeboah in his delivery stated that his independent system of government has outlined a business plan for women in both large and small scale businesses. He said this deliberate policy by his team is to empower the whole nation economically, since when you empower a woman economically you empower the whole nation economically with children being well catered for at home.

According to him, his government will fund small scale business dealers with a capital that will help improve their businesses technically and profitably. The most important issue is mining for sustainable development with high sense of environmental protection for the future generation.

Mr. Yeboah?s next port of call was at Tamso, in the Tarkwa mining area where hundreds gathered at the Tamso school park to welcome Mr. Jacob Osei Yeboah. Whiles at Tarkwa Mr. Yeboah met with the Chiefs and people of Tamso in which he urged the people to call on government to fund small scale mining since large scale mining has been taken by foreigners. Mr. Yeboah further stressed that he and his government have solution to the mining related problems in which he believes will help alleviate poverty and help to make the mining sector lucrative.

The independent presidential aspirant further continued his tour to the Sekondi Metropolis where he paid a courtesy call on the Muslim community at their central Mosque in Sekondi. ?Mr. Yeboah reiterated his stance for the Zongo communities to ensure that schools within zongo are highly resourced to enable children within the zongo community to climb up the academic ladder like wealthy children. He stated in nostalgia how formerly one undertakes the Hajj pilgrimage quietly but unfortunately it has been politicized and fraught with frustrations. He promised to depoliticize Hajj and restore the sanctity of the pilgrimage as he had known since from his childhood at the Zongo. The independent aspirant however embarked on a door to door campaign at the Sekondi Metropolis.

Mr. Jacob Osei Yeboah finally ended his tour in the Western Region when he paid a courtesy call on the paramount Chief of Essikado traditional area Nana Kwabena Nketia (V). In his delivery to the paramount Chief, the independent aspirant emphasised the need for chiefs to form part of the Second Upper Parliament to restore dignity of past mistakes made by the Big Six and respect to the elderly in society. He also mentioned that the final report of the constitution review commission to the government is an excellent representation of the voice of the people. However, he expressed his greatest disappointment of the government?s white paper as a hoax to the various meetings the commission had with stakeholders and a waste of government resources since the commission?s report was minimally accepted by the government. ?JOY said Abraham Lincoln, in his famous Gettysburg address, affirmed democracy as ?the government of the people, by the people and for the people?. ?He therefore called on National House of Chiefs through Nana Nketia to look into the government?s white paper and give its findings so that it will help improve the lives of citizens.

Finally an invitation was extended to Mr. Yeboah by the Ghana Methodist Student Union (GHAMSU) branch of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology where he delivered a speech on the importance of applying innovative methods to improve the technological system in the country. JOY as an Alumnus Electrical Engineer, he charged the students through KNUST slogan ?The knot of wisdom is untie by the wise? and alluded the fact that his team is ready to untie the knot of wisdom tied by colonial masters in order to meaningfully declare true freedom to the nation.

He ended with his campaign Slogan; JOY; 2012, The Power of One and the Power is you.

Meanwhile his next port of call is to the Eastern Region.


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