Proudly Ghanaian and it shows in all his mannerism and swags as he puts the name of the country on a larger scale drawing attention of the outside world that real hardcore rap still lives inside of us.

J-Town who currently had his song rule one of Nigeria?s Top-10 charts for the first time coming from a Ghanaian, was proud to announce to his fans that the long wait is about to be over as his ingredients are almost done and has something unique coming out of his camp.

He explained to us when we caught up with him at Raquel?s video premier on Friday, saying that this album had taken this long because a lot had to go into it to make it worth the wait.

J-Town also hinted that it will be a double bumper package soon to be out in about 3 months from now.

?This has been out of hard work combined together and grace of God? the prolific rapper said.

Anyway did you know the J in his names sands for James town where he is from?


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