J-Prompt Professional Institute of Technology, Ghana, has partnered BCS Chartered Institute of IT of the United Kingdom to provide higher-education qualifications in IT.

The programme is a three-level set of qualifications comprising Certificate in IT, Diploma in IT, and Professional Graduate Diploma in IT.

?These three levels have been accredited in the United Kingdom by Ofqual, the regulator of all qualifications and examinations in UK, as equivalent to years 1, 2 and 3 of a university honours degree,? said Ian MacHardie, Director of BCS Higher Education Qualifications, at a short ceremony in Accra to make known the partnership.

Entrance to the course at the Certificate in IT level, he said, is only limited to the students? ability to understand English sufficiently to have a rudimentary appreciation of IT, and having the enthusiasm to complete the course. Entrance at later stages, however, is subject to a recognised exemption qualification.
Students receive a certificate after each stage, and when they complete a professional project they are awarded the final Professional Graduate Diploma.

?This award is recognised by many UK universities as sufficient entrance qualification to a one year Master?s Degree programme to receive an MSc,? Ian MacHardie said.

The qualifications, he noted, have been offered by BCS since 1968 and since IT is a fast- moving profession and industry, the course is reviewed annually to ensure students are learning the state of the art in IT.

BCS, he said, relies on ?dedicated and highly able partner training providers around the world? to make quality IT training available to many people.

?Here in Ghana, we are delighted to be associated with J-Prompt Professional Institute of Technology in Accra in providing that high-quality learning with their excellent teaching staff and dedication to the student?s success,? he said.

J-Prompt Professional Institute of Technology (JPIT) is a division of J-Prompt Group of Companies, which partners training institutions around the world to provide professional IT education. ?

President of the J-Prompt Group, Mr. Joseph Adjei, said Information Technology is evolving very fast and that every economy needs more innovation and regulatory standards to catch up with the pace.
The partnership, he said, came out of his outfit?s desire to deliver quality, high skills-based training and development programmes to the youth in Ghana.

By Basiru ADAM

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