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For many listeners one of the standout tracks on J. Cole?s sophomore album was the song ?Rich N****z.? The cut opens with the Roc Nation emcee rapping ?I hate rich n****s,? but it then goes on to reveal the rapper?s own apprehension about the fact he is now one of those people with money he use to hate.

Cole spoke with Hard Knock TV to discuss track 9 off Born Sinner. He talks about growing up in Fayetteville, North Carolina feeling jealous of his classmates who were more well off than him. He shares another story about his mother having to take on a part-time job and his worries that she would get hurt delivering pizza at night.

Cole also refers to ?Rich N****z?s? second verse where he calls out rappers who focus all their rhymes on wealth and material possessions. He then questions himself on whether he is now a part of that group of entertainers that put money first.

?I?m talking to this rapper like, ?Damn, your flow is ill, but the only thing you offer to world is talking about how much money you have?? says Cole. ?I know you?re suppose to write your life, but damn you ain?t got nothing else to talk about. I see through you? Oh s**t. Am I becoming you? That?s the fear.?


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