Despite being touted as one of the most mineralized and highly resourced continents in the world, The African continent has been labelled as the par excellence of poverty and backwardness in the world. Paradoxically, her endowment with natural resources like abundant oil reserves, gold, diamonds, cocoa, intelligentsia, rich culture, sunshine among others is not consistent with the standards of living of the African people. Thus, she still grapples with conflicts, poor leadership, despotism, economic challenges, unemployment and corruption.

Rather surprisingly, the antithesis of this situation exists in the western world, a case in point being the Europe Continent which, although significantly shy of Africa?s resource wealth has a relatively better economy and living conditions. Inferentially, as premised in the abovementioned, it is a truism that the sheer abundance of resources does not guarantee a sound economy, but it?s the management and utilization of them that produces results. In effect, the African people are largely responsible for the state of the continent. With more than forty per cent of the one billion population of Africa being under the age of fifteen years, it can be extrapolated that the onus of leading the people and changing the continent?s future story rests on these young ones because they will grow to hold the fort of Africa?s economy in the near future . Developing these ones will translate into a developed Africa.

By virtue of this, Divinity Empire Campus Ministry (DECAM) in collaboration with Christ Symbolic Union International has initiated The International Youth Destiny Summit? which is a proactive event aimed at salvaging Africa?s future. The intent of this summit is to teach and empower the youth with practicable Biblical truths that they need to champion and effect a positive change in Africa?s economy. Since its inception , the summit has ran four times with last year?s running under the theme, ?The Hope of Africa 1?, at which participants were treated to talent shows as well as a Word exhortation on Joseph?s rise to stardom and wealth. This year?s, which is a sequel to last year?s is opportune with regards to the spate of economic crises in the continent and runs on the theme, ?Biblical Perspectives of Entrepreneurship?. The relevance of this to Africa?s economic status quo is that some of Africa?s large economies like that of Ghana and Libya have plummeted not only because of its high dependence on the western world for grants, loans, financial assistance and goods and services, but also political unrests. Sadly, we have become the largest consumers and importers of foreign products, whose ingredients are chiefly our raw materials and resources. In effect, the westerners buy our unfinished products such as cocoa and gold, process them into finished products like chocolate and ornaments respectively and sell them back to us at profitable prices through exportation, thus taking large sums of money from us to develop their economies. It is only when we are able to manage and process our resources, that we will be independent of foreigners and save money to develop the continent. In essence, it is the self-sustenance and domestication of one?s economic activities that power one?s economy. Due to this, the interventions proposed by many malcontents have failed, thus necessitating frequent International Monetary Fund (IMF) interventions such as debt-relief and loans. All these prove the insufficiency of man?s methods in solving the problems of Africa and reveal the indispensability of God?s Word in this regard, as recorded in Mathew 24:35 that, ?Heaven and earth SHALL pass away, but my words will NEVER pass away?.

When all is said and done, it takes the intervention of God through The Word and its principles to save the continent from economic backwardness and restore her to having one of the world?s vibrant economies as was of Egypt in Genesis 41:57. In this regard, The International Youth Destiny Summit 2015, which will run under the theme, ?Biblical Perspectives of Entrepreneurship? purports to teach and expose God?s infallible principles on entrepreneurship that will revamp Africa?s economy by empowering participants with the necessary knowledge. Thus, it will create a more independent and prudent youth for a progressive Africa. Besides this, the summit will also feature sensational ministrations from youth in the form of spoken word, drama, poetry and choreography, which will subliminally inspire and motivate the audience to live the word, identify and develop their talents. When all is said and done, this event is well suited with the participants because the Holy Spirit?s inspired Word Ministration will provide participants with the timely knowledge that they just need to make a positive difference in Africa.

Africa?s hope lies in the capacity of its progeny, who form the forty percent of its population to manage, utilize her resources properly to engender self-sustenance and development. Time has indeed proved that economic stability and growth is not a corollary to having the preponderance of mineral wealth and natural resources.

Comparing Africa with the western world, the crux of the matter is that the westerners have utilized their relatively little resources to produce most of their vibrant economies today. What does it profit one to have all the mineral wealth, yet live in penury and suffer economic hardship? It takes the right knowledge for Africans to enjoy the riches that God has blessed us with. To wit, The International Youth Destiny Summit, (IYDS) provides the relevant Word-based knowledge which is sine qua non for Africa?s hope and development.

?He is the radiance of the glory of God and the exact imprint of His nature, and He upholds the universe by The Word of His power? (HEBREWS 1:3).

?Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words will not pass away? (MATHEW 24:35)

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Written by Atsu Lartey.



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