Cote d’Ivoire’s ruling party, Rally of Republicans, on Tuesday accused the opposition of “fomenting rebellion” as the two sides have been in a row over the October presidential poll.

Ivory Coast“Whereas supporters of the ruling coalition are preparing for the forthcoming presidential elections, an opposition party has resorted to organizing meetings and protests. Their objective is to disrupt public order and foment rebellion,” the ruling party’s spokesman, Joel Nguessan, told media in Abidjan.

Nguessan expressed anger over the opposition’s call for people to boycott the electoral process.

An opposition alliance dubbed National Coalition for Change has organized many protests, some of which turned violent, to protest against “poor governance” in the country and demand the dissolution of the Independent Electoral Commission which it accuses of “being partial”.

The alliance has announced plans to organize “major public rallies” in Abidjan to “force the government to discuss ways to organize free and fair elections.”

Cote d’Ivoire is expected to hold presidential election in October. Enditem



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