Cote d’Ivoire Republican Forces (FRCI) have organized a caravan to reinforce peace and consolidate national reconciliation, a military source said Monday. soldiers
The caravan that will comprise of sports and civilian-military activities, will be held across the country under the theme of peaceful cohabitation between the population from all groups.
A number of leaders in different regions of the country have welcomed this new kind of sensitization.
“It’s ideal for the army to preach these kinds of ideals. An understanding between the soldiers and civilians is an example to be emulated,” said Emile Kossougro, the mayor of central western region of Daloa.
Kossougro said peace consolidation process in Cote d’Ivoire will largely depend on organization of free and fair elections in 2015.
Hundreds of soldiers from the national army, the gendarmerie, the police and the United Nations peacekeeping mission will take part in the caravan.
Cote d’Ivoire is progressively trying to overcome the effects of the 2010-2011 post-election violence, and it’s currently preparing for the next round of presidential elections in October this year.
Most observers have noted that national reconciliation is one of the major challenges to be overcome by the authorities. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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