This World is Filled up with numerous beautiful women but that of Kim Kardashian still remains part of the exceptions but since humans aren’t perfect in nature Kim Kardashian has her side of challenge.

She reveal her challenge in an interview with people in which she opened up that after she gave birth to her second son called Saint last December she had a feeling she less appreciated
“There was a moment after [son Saint was born last December] when my body was mush” Kim  told People. “I felt like Gumby. There was definitely a moment when I looked in the mirror and I was like, ‘I am never going to be the same.'”

Later more than six months till now ,Kims have strictly followed a routine of exercise and diet and Atkins diets got all the credit as the 35 years old mom has sucessfully shed the 60 pounds she gained during her second pregnancy and even wish to lose more till she reches her weight goal

kim kardashian before/after

                 Kim Kardashian in 2015 (left) and in 2016 (right). (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

“I want to get back down to 120 [pounds],” said Kim, who also added that she weighed 135lbs. last month. “My butt and my hips are the last to go, but I’m not stopping!”

Taking a closer look at her routine, the reality star has 6 a.m. workouts with trainer Don Brooks every day, and on her plate you’ll find eschews pasta and grilled cheese for vegetables and protein. For dessert, she’ll indulge in Atkins peanut butter cups.

After all her hard work and still more to go, Kim said she is pleased with the progress she’s made, “After having two kids, and being able to get in shape and still feel good about myself, I’ve never felt better. I worked my ass off, I’ve altered my life and I’m proud of that.”

We think you look amazing, Kim!



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