The international Trade union congress Africa secretary general Kwasi Adu-Amankwah is at it again, this time around in far away Kingdom of Swaziland on transformation of various unions in that country into a single federation.

The Ghanaian who marshals the international trade unions in Africa secretary general position base in Togo was the special guest of honour at the Royal Kingdom of Swazilands first delegate congress held at the Esibayeni loadge in far away Southern African country of Swaziland.

Amankwa made things came through as the host nation was full of praise for the Ghanaian, who observed the various unions in the country. Among them were the Swaziland national association of teachers, the federations association of trade unions,and the Swaziland association of trade unions to come under one umbrella thereby, merging to form the Trade Union Association Of Swaziland thus, TUCOSWA. The ITU-Afro secretaries general in his address said they should see the merger as an opportunity to work as a single federation, warning them to devoid from gossiping among each other, but solve the problems around the table.

According to Amankwa, who advice the newly formed leaders of the trade union association of Swaziland TUCOSWA,at an indoor meeting, the secretary general caution the newly elected leaders of the fact that, the worst thing that can happen to them is to take decisions without consulting those who elected them into office .

FROM FRANK OWUSU OBIMPEH . MANZINI Swaziland. 0026876425674


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