The recent trend observed shows there is increase in awareness among people of insuring themselves against planned and unplanned medical exigencies. Hence, Mediclaim insurance is becoming t hot selling product. The rising cost of medical treatment in India urges everyone to be protected with an insurance policy. As this is most sought after insurance product in the market after life insurance, there are abundant varieties of plans that are available at ones disposal. The tight competition amongst leading providers has led to various innovations in the health plans. These benefits play a very decisive factor in determining which policy to buy. In case you feel your medical insurance is not providing you with the benefits that the policies in the market provide, its time you change and move to a better plan.

It is important to stay abreast with latest benefits that leading health insurance providers offer with their plans and compare with your current policy coverage’s.


Following are few reasons why people mostly consider changing to a new health plan –

Scope of coverage–

Competition in the market compels leading companies to come up with new and innovative coverage to retain the existing customers and attract new customers. One opts to switch to another insurer when they realize that another insurance provider has more and better to offer. There are many benefits that are commonly provided by companies like network of hospitals, cashless facility and cover for hospitalization.

But there are many more benefits like pre & post hospitalization cover, day-care procedure cover, daily cash benefits, accompanying persons allowance, maternity, outpatient treatment etc. which are not common with all the polices. These benefits prove really helpful when the time comes and there is no point in missing out on them when they are easily available in the market.

Better Service –

A bad service experience from their existing mediclaim provider, it triggers them to shift their policy to another provider. Mostly people prefer to deal with insurers who provide 24/7 helpline and are reliable enough to solve all their policy related queries. Also, a quick and simplified claim settlement process forms a key factor in selecting a health insurance provider. In case your health insurance provider lacks in any of these services it is advisable that you consider changing your provider.

Cost effectiveness –

In case you feel that the premium you pay for the Mediclaim cover you hold is more than the benefits you receive, it is good to check the other existing products in the market. Insurance companies tries to attract new customers with their variety of benefits and add on facilities.. Also through the mediclaim portability facility, you can shift your cover and avail additional benefits at the same or lesser cost.

Compare your current mediclaim benefits with the benefits offered by another insurer to understand the areas where the current health plan lacks. Also you can use various online tools to research on the best policy that matches your needs and select the plan which fills the gap between your requirement and the current plan

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