St Kilda is probably most famous for the big bohemian clown face that everyone walks through when they visit the Luna Park amusement park. It’s one of the most famous theme parks in Australia and it also has the most history as well. The theme park there dates back to the St Kilda heydays when the streets where littered with artists and musicians all living the traditional bohemian lifestyle. Unfortunately the whole area went through a bit of a bad patch where it was overrun with the dregs of society that ended up dragging the place into the gutter. Fortunately, all that bad element has cleared out and the improved neighbourhoods have brought back the right kind of people to the small town.

When you visit there, you will most likely end up finding a place to stay so you can stay over for the night. You can look under St Kilda hotel Melbourne to find the hotels listed locally and you can contact them for availability or you can just walk in there and ask if they have any place for you for the night.

Whether you end up staying spontaneously or you book well in advance, you need to be prepared to stay over there and cut loose for the evening while you enjoy a great vibe, interesting people and entertaining entertainment. You can spend the night out in a jazz club, enjoying fine foods and then jiving the night away once all the food has settled. You can take a romantic walk on the beach with your partner, enjoying the sunset with an ice-cream and the sound of the ocean. St Kilda is alive with activity all year round, with big festivals that happen throughout the year. The biggest of which is the St Kilda festival where thousands of Australians flock each year to enjoy live bands, comedians, dance, extreme sports and even something for the kids. If you prefer to do a little shopping, you can take a walk along the esplanade or through the St Kilda Village looking at all the arts and crafts and sampling some of the best food in the southern hemisphere. For those of you who prefer to do something a little more relaxing, you can take a slow walk through the botanical gardens or the Catani gardens to see some of the most beautiful flora that Australia has to offer.

You can entertain your kids or your parents, and you can take some time off with your partner. Either way, you are guaranteed a good time.

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