Uncertainty has gripped the entire nation. While some citizens have been thrown into the passive drive mode, wait and see, others on both sides of the political divide are arguably actively saying, their camp has won Election 2012 case even prior to the Supreme Court delivering her verdict on?29 August 2013.
However each camp and individuals opine, the truth is, it is not over until it is over. Until the Almighty Institution in Ghana, the Supreme Court, pronounces her judgment as scheduled, nobody is at ease with themselves and nobody can certainly predict the outcome.
One thing that can make certain people of whom Rockson Adofo is included be sure of their stance on the outcome of the Court case is the credibility of the evidence made available to them. The volume of “pink sheets” with their face value stipulations of various forms of irregularities, whether intentionally or inadvertently committed are overwhelming. Surely, the malpractices, irregularities and omissions as evidentially observable on the pink sheets are more than enough to give credence to the petitioners? allegation of Election 2012 been rigged in favour of then Presidential-candidate John Dramani Mahama.
What about the demeanour of the principal witnesses during their cross-examinations? The difficulty to define or convincingly explain over-vote by both Dr Afari Gyan and Johnson Asiedu Nketiah tells how collusively clever they were to lie to the Court. Such an attempt to pervert the course of justice only strengthens my resolve to side with the petitioners that intentional committal of violations did take place to favour one party. Even with this, one cannot be 100% sure of the decision to be declared by the nine-member Supreme Court judges sitting on the Election 2012 case.
Nevertheless, with God?s revelations to certain individuals of whom Kofi Basoah has creditably admirably attracted my attention, one can be certain about the outcome of the Court case. God unlike a human being does not lie. If and only if, the judges will be truthful to themselves and Ghanaians, they would pronounce judgment in line with the aspirations of the public based on their opinion and conclusion formed observing the live telecast of the Court proceedings.
Will the judges rely on technicalities and case law to judging the case? Why would they not rely on the evidence before them; the pink sheets and the evidence by the witnesses to help declare a verdict that may set a precedent for others to follow?
I admonish all Ghanaians to keep faith in God and in the judges to deliver a credible verdict that will end the official abuse of incumbency, corruption, lawlessness and the practice of hypocritical and selective justice in Ghana. However, most Ghanaian judges are unpredictable due to the effective role bribery and corruption play to twist justice in the country. This case will be an exception; free of corruptive influences of any sort.
When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Winners never quit and quitters never win. This is my advice to all the good people of Ghana.


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