Follow Omotola as she expands her business interests and takes on the challenges of being a celebrity. Season 1 Episode 2 centers on the private life of Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, a wife, mother of four, actress and philanthropist on Thursday 13th December 2012 on Friday 14th 12.30GMT, Sunday 16th at 7GMT, Tuesday 18th at 7.30GMT on AfricaMagic Entertainment.  Filmed on location in Lagos, London, Ghana, Miami and Kingston (Jamaica), OMOTOLA: THE REAL ME will be screening on AfricaMagic Entertainment for the next 12 weeks.  For more information on this and other programs on AfricaMagic channels, log on to

The Kardashians Season 7 Finale On Dstv; Season Seven of the hit reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians comes to an end on Sunday 16 December 2012. The season seven finale which airs at 22:00CATon the Entertainment Television channel will give viewers a glimpse into the lives of the Kardashian clan. Season Seven has chronicled the the private family life of socialite Kim Kardashian, daughter of the former Los Angeles attorney Robert Kardashian. It follows the lives of the Kardashian/Jenner family, including sisters Kourtney and Khlo? Kardashian. In the season finale, viewers get to welcome the birth of Kourtney and Scotts second child, Penelope. Kim was reported by the New York Post as the highest-paid television reality star in 2010, and was estimated to have earned $6,000,000 from the show and endorsements for products. She made the headlines with her marriage to Brooklyn Nets basketball player Kris Humphries which only lasted for 72 days.

Tune in on Saturday 15 December for some of the most shocking true crimes you?ll ever see.  Highlights include: She Led Two Lives: A compelling drama about the double life of a woman, who commits bigamy by marrying her first love, whilst she is still married to her unsuspecting husband.  Watch it at 12:00 CAT.

Hit and Run: When Joanna Kendall accidentally hits an eight-year-old girl who dashes in front of her car, she calls for help.  But then chooses to drive on rather than take responsibility for what has happened. Catch it at 17:15 CAT.

Wicked: When a mother is found unconscious in the boot of a car, her wayward husband is the prime suspect. However, when he points the finger of blame at his mistress, it leads her to make a strange confession. Tune in at 22:30 CAT.

True Christmas Special ? on Sunday 16  December from 10:15 CAT True Movies 1 has a Christmas special planned for the viewers this December, so tune in to DStv and get into the festive spirit!  Highlights include:

A chance of Snow: Thanks to a blanket of snow, and a closed airport, two weary travellers discover they have nothing more to do?except fall in love again. Tune in at 15:30 CAT.

Miracle of the Heart: An emotional drama starring Rob Lowe. Following the death of his mother, he volunteers at an after-school club, and forms a special bond with desperately ill child who has also lost his mother.  Watch it at 19:00 CAT.

I?ll be Home for Christmas: A heart-warming Christmas tale of the rekindling romance between a small town mayor and her high school sweetheart, her struggle to regain confidence in herself, and the will of a community to survive. Catch it at 22:30 CAT.

Undercover Christmas: An unlikely love story begins when an uptight FBI agent is assigned to protect a cocktail waitress, after she turns her billionaire boyfriend in to the authorities for tax fraud. Watch it on Christmas Day at 15:30 CAT.

A Song for the Season: A town stands on the verge of losing its best teacher when a school board cuts the local school budget. But can a Christmas miracle save the day and give a gift of music to an entire community? Tune in on Christmas Day at 19:00 CAT.

Christmas Choir: When a man at an all-time low meets some homeless citizens, he is touched by their warmth and begins a choir.  Follow his progress in this feel good film about love, redemption and second chances.  Watch it at 22:30 CAT.

Same Name (Premiere): Wouldn?t it be weird ? but kind of cool ? if you could briefly swap lives with someone who has the exact same name as you? That?s the premise of this new reality show, which sees an ordinary person exchanging places with a celebrity sharing the same first name and surname.  The celeb moves into their house, takes care of their kids, sleeps next to their spouse, tries to do their job, hangs out with their friends. Look out for David ?the Hoff? Hasselhoff and Mike Tyson stepping into the shoes of their namesakes ? a sure recipe for interpersonal fireworks! From Sunday 16 December at 19:35 CAT.

In December, BBC Lifestyle will bring DStv viewers a variety of festive food programming. Jamie?s Christmas with Bells On (Premiere): Award winning chef, Jamie Oliver, is the person many people would turn to for advice on how to cook the most important meal of the year: Christmas dinner. Jamie shows viewers that Christmas can be fun with a collection of traditional classics, alongside new ideas and fantastic party food. He will be introducing some exciting new ideas including turkey wellington, griddle-pan waffles and ?after 10? treats. Tune into this episode special on Sunday 16 December at 16:30 CAT.

Unlikely Animal Friends (new episodes): Unlikely Animal Friends puts the spotlight on unexpected friendships between unlikely animals. Stories include a housecat who enjoys play dates with a barn owl, a deer who loves to groom her lynx pal and a rare black leopard who befriends a white rabbit. It doesn?t get any wilder than these unlikely pairs as they nurture, cuddle and bond with each other against all odds. Catch these fury friends in a three episode special on Saturday 15 December at 19:00 CAT.

Secretly Pregnant (Premiere): What happens when a woman becomes pregnant and then must hide the pregnancy? How do they cope in situations that could result in them being evicted, abandoned or fired? Secretly Pregnant meets the women who have reasons for hiding a pregnancy from their bosses, family and friends. Amy is pregnant with her ninth child. Unable to care for the kids she already has, Amy feels guilty and ashamed and is hiding her pregnancy from her family. Bethany is pregnant again by her unemployed boyfriend Robert who is expecting a child with another woman. She keeps the news from her parents, who think Robert has failed to support Bethany and their first baby. Follow these women on an emotional journey as they share their anxieties, reveal their secret and deal with the aftermath that follows, including the birth of the baby. Tune in from Thursday 20 December at 21:10 CAT.

The Secret World of Crocodiles with Ben Fogle (premiere): Crocodiles are one of the world?s most dangerous predators responsible for the deaths of around a thousand people every year. Environmentalist and World Wildlife Fund ambassador, Ben Fogle, travels to Botswana and Australia to find out more about these notorious killers. In Botswana, ground-breaking researchers are investigating the secret lives of crocodiles by scuba diving with them, gaining invaluable insight into their lives and behaviour as well as stunning underwater footage. Tune in on Sunday 16 December 19:00 CAT.

Bizarre Foods America:  Do you ever wonder about some of the weirdest foods that people eat and call a delicacy? From traditional foods passed down by immigrants to modern dishes born and bred by American innovation, the US is a melting pot of cultures both exotic and familiar. Whether it?s whole roasted alligator, shots of chicken blood at a farm outside Seattle or lamb tongue at one of Beantown?s priciest restaurants, America is a treasure trove of bizarre foods and fascinating stories. From forward thinking innovators that challenge the way we view food to traditionalists keeping the old ways alive, Bizarre Foods America will explore the cutting edge and the I-can?t-believe-they-still-do-it-the-old-fashioned-way. So whether it?s roasted pigeon head in Texas or mashed lamb?s brains in San Diego, Andrew will never turn down a taste. Tune in from Sunday 16 December at 20:0 CAT.


Saturday 15 December, 2012

Boxing; Mehdi Bouadla V Arthur Abraham ? 21:00


Sunday 16 December, 2012

Boxing; Nonito Donaire V Jorge Arce ? 04h00


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