Dr Sekou Nkrumah
Dr Sekou Nkrumah

Dr. Sekou Nkrumah, a son of Ghana’s first President, has argued it will be unwise for former President J.J Rawlings and his wife to go ahead and form their own political party.

This follows Citi News’ reports that the former first couple has initiated processes to form their own political party, seen by many political watchers as likely to split the ruling National Democratic Congress.

The new party to be called ‘National Democratic Party’ (NDP) is yet to go through the registration process for certification at the Electoral Commission of Ghana, but is gathering the numbers from grassroots across the country.

However, Dr. Nkrumah has warned that the move will further disintegrate the unity of the NDC, adding that the two parties will only end up playing into the hands of the NPP.

“It is a fact that NDC has to outgrow former President Rawlings and move on,” Dr. Nkrumah, who once served as an appointee in the Prof. Mills-led administration said.

“You cannot just wish him away. The party was formed around him and therefore they need to give him a certain kind of respect and recognition. But he also has to understand that he has paid his dues to the NDC and Ghana and must take the back seat.”

“I think forming a new political party will not solve the problem and rather deepen the problem… I think both sides will lose. They should find ways of getting the NDC to unite and groom the young ones for the future of the party,” he advised.

Source: Citifmonline


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