Sai Wine

On Thursday 27th July 2017, Sai Wine, Accra’s exclusive wine and champagne cafè, shall be hosting its second wine and chocolate pairing evening.
Wine & Chocolate have a strong relationship in the world of food pairing and exciting your taste buds – both have relatable tasting notes which compliment each other.

‘There is a general rule of thumb when it comes to pairing wine with chocolate – the darker the chocolate the darker the win – In this case a 60-80% dark chocolate is best paired with Shiraz or Malbec. Also, the sweeter the chocolate the sweeter the wine. It may seem tedious but we appreciate the importance of best pairing wines with the little touch of heaven that we all enjoy – good chocolate’ quoted Sai Events & Membership Manager.

For this Thursday’s wine and chocolate tasting evening, Sai shall be sampling award winning chocolate from producer ’57 Chocolate. There shall be 4 chocolate flavors being sampled including; 73% dark chocolate, Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate and Mocha Latte (coffee flavor) – each wine shall be paired with its relatable wine.

‘We are excited about the upcoming event, we hosted our first wine and chocolate pairing evening last year with Midunu chocolate and Nederburg wine and it was an amazing success. The event was completely sold out and Midunu received an amazing response from all guests.
At Sai it is important that we partner with and support local brands, especially those who are still quite small like us and are cutting their niche in the market. The partnership highlights a great fusion on many levels.’ stated Sai’s Events & Membership Manager.

The upcoming Wine & Chocolate Pairing Evening is open to the public as Sai embarks on its objective to encourage food, drink, chocolates enthusiasts and aspirational professionals to learn about the world of wine and chocolate. Wine and Chocolate are a great gift, be sure the next time you give one away, you do it well!