Looking for a lower cost budget netbook but don’t want to sacrifice in terms of look and elegance? Acer Aspire-One cladded with Windows XP Home SP3 is a worthy contestant to be considered. However, performance freak may not concentrate on it. Also, it is not compatible with the Windows 7, and you need to think of upgrading the memory part to avail that. However business class or home user will not be disappointed with the 802.11b/g Atheros Wireless feature. The design of the Acer Aspire One is very sleek with softly rounded edges and a smooth glossy surface that is comfortable to hold when closed. Top-screen is coated with glassy plastic to safeguard it from scratches. At times the reflective boarder does get on your nerves if you are in a brightly lit room with many sources of glare. One another negative aspect is the lack of open Mini-PCI slot.

This area is prepped with a SIM-card port for obvious 3G features, but unless you can solder on your own connector you are out of luck.

However, in terms of product warranty, you can rest assured as the product is covered with 1 year of on-site warranty, complemented with 1 year or 2 years Limited International Travelers Warranty (ITW). So whether you are in or out of your station you are always close to Acer tech support . Within the warranty period, you don’t have to move anywhere regarding software or hardware issues. Repair and maintenance service covers parts and maintenance both. After the threshold time too you can enjoy the service but with a payment.

For software related issues you have to call on the Acer support number, and let experts have the remote access of your system.

Afterwards, they will diagnose the issues thoroughly by analyzing the Windows components like event viewer, task manager, action center/security center, registry settings, and device manager. And eventually troubleshoot the system either using Windows-based tools like system restore, Windows Repair Utilities, Internet and network troubleshooter, Disk Defragmenter or Disc Cleanup, or with some third-party repair utilities. However, use of tools strictly depends upon the system compatibility and nature of issues.

Before you call on Acer help number you must take note of the system specifications, like type of processor, RAM capacity, Windows type, and if possible SNID or serial number and previous reference number. The information furnished by you helps experts to understand the problem in a better way and follow the desired troubleshooting methodology to deliver quick and effective resolution.

A few independent players have also come on the horizon to provide support for Acer desktops and laptop, and they often come with inclusive support portfolio, means you can enjoy unlimited support from experts round-the-clock. It embraces setup and installation of computer, router, printer and more, installation, update, upgrade and repair of Windows operating system and third-party software, and troubleshooting services to fix related errors. To cope with the growing challenges such vendors keep a tab on the quality of the services delivered to the end-users. Whenever you call, it gets monitored and at the end of the service you are entitled to receive a confirmatory mail regarding the prevailed issue and solution offered.

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