Corruption Responsibility
Corruption Responsibility

The National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) in the Tatale/Sanguli District of the northern region has advised Ghanaians to eschew all forms of corruption as part of their civic responsibilities.

Mr Iddrisu A. Latif, Acting Tatale/Sangule District Director of the Commission gave the advice during a public education campaign on the second phase of the Anti-Corruption, Rule of law and Accountability Programme (ARAP II), a joint anti-corruption initiative between Ghana and the European Union.

A dawn to dusk public education was carried out on corruption, the rule of law, and how citizens could demand accountability from duty bearers.

Mr Latif, the Acting Director of NCCE in the Tatale/Sanguli district, stated that bribery, embezzlement, illicit enrichment and conflict of interest were some of the acts and activities of corruption

He also highlighted institutional weakness, poor ethical standards as well as weak law enforcement and limited accountability as some of the causes of corruption in the country.

He urged the citizenry to frown on any act of corruption since it weakened institutions, promoted poor quality services, disrespect for law and order, thereby leading to poor economic growth and development in the country.

Mr Mutaru Sayibu, the Principal Officer of NCCE said that the enforcement of the rule of law required all citizens to put on measures to ensure adherence of the principle of supremacy of law, equality before, separation of powers among others.

He reiterated on the need for citizens to uphold and defend the 1992 Constitution to promote the rule of law.

Mr Joshua Najim, a resource person at the education campaign, said one of the biggest challenges of corruption in the country was the lack of commitment by citizens to report corruption practices and therefore, urged the public to constructively support in the fight against corruption by reporting to the appropriate authorities for action.



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