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Hello, hello?Hello, Good afternoon Sir,?afternoon. How are you Sir? Well by his Grace I am alright. May I know who I am talking to? Oooh, sorry Sir. I am your very good friend Kwesi Biney. Eei DCE, you forgot me when you had your post. Anyway, what can I do for you, my brother? Errm, I want us to have some discussions over the recent brouhaha about the corruption matter or statement you made or alleged to have made about the corruption in Parliament and the position your colleagues have taken on the matter? Ao, my brother e hard ooo, but as I speak with you, I am outside the country and I will be away for a while so I suggest you send your opinion on the matter to me through the mails. After reading it, I will respond and possibly arrange a meeting with you and discuss the matter proper proper when I come back? Okay, that will be alright, thank you very much Sir.  Thank you too and have a nice day? Same to you Sir.

Dear Sir, as we discussed on the phone the other time, it is all about the bribery or better still, the corruption allegations you made against some members of the Parliament of Ghana which you are a part. As expected, your colleagues are not happy with your exposure of some of the things that go on in the lawmaking chamber of this country. Some of your colleagues from all the divide were angry with you for obviously coming out to tell the world what most of us have suspected all these years about people we have elected, and even in the face of the difficulties that confront us as a nation, try to make them reasonably comfortable in the midst of mass poverty and need among the generality of our populace.

In your absence, they said they will put you before the Privileges Committee. To many of us outside Parliament, our ordinary interpretation may be that the Committee determines what privileges be given to the senior members of the House, I mean the Mugabes, and what privileges are denied the members who come from areas with ?Trees under schools? and those who see the ?Cedi Appreciating the Dollar? even though all of you are supposed to be Honourable Members. Recent education to us has revealed that when one is invited to appear before the Privileges Committee, walahi, if you don?t take care, you will lose all your privileges, including the privilege to talk to your wife.

Yes, in your absence, how some of your Honourable Colleagues ?back-bited? you; it was more serious than children studying in the rainy season in ?Trees under schools? particularly at this time when the ?Cedi is seriously appreciating the dollar? which has made everything yammaaaa. Your statement too has, according to some people from your own camp, muddied the waters since the government in which you are a ?wise man? has been entered in the Guinness Book of Records as the most corrupt government this country has ever had the misfortune of having.

What you have said, notwithstanding, your statement hurts them paaa, not for jokes. They say you have disgraced them and that they will not let you go scot free, and they will use the Committee to teach you lessons. My Honourable brother, I know you know your people better than me. When it comes to bugabuga politics and politics of elimination and substitution, tweeea, there is no co-equal in African politics. If you annoy them small and they mean you, they will do anything to get you out or disgrace you. You know how many of your former colleagues ? in terms of the party ? were virtually ostracized and shunned? The most recent case is Hon. Micheal Teye Nyaunu popularly known as MTN. Unfortunately for you your initials ASKB cannot be associated with any telecom company.

You see, the problem is between your high reputation, credibility and unassailable image and your desire to hold on to political power and membership of your party. Ghanaians are waiting to see you provide the evidence upon which you made the statement of bribery and corruption among some Members of Parliament in this country. In fact, some of them, in their attempt to explain away why they take ?bribes? from some institutions, before, during and after sitting and deliberating on their matters, confirmed your assertion and cannot deny the fact that some bribery and corruption takes place in the House where laws are made to fight and punish bribery and corruption in Ghana.

Why should anybody attempt to justify, for example, a Committee which sits on the case or budget or anything of the Ministry of Roads and makes recommendations to the main House to take a decision on the Ministry, decides to allow the Ministry to finance the sittings of the committee, that is, pay the hotel bills, feed them for the number of days they are there, transport them to and fro and possibly offer them envelopes as ?sitting? allowances for doing an official job which must be financed by Parliament? What will be the outcome of the deliberations and what recommendations will be made to Parliament by that committee? If this is not bribery and corruption by some members of Parliament, then there is a new definition for bribery and corruption in this country.

My brother, you have been in Parliament since the inception of the Fourth Republic. Many of those you first came to Parliament with are no longer there; others have also passed on unto the world beyond. You are just still not in Parliament but one of the most respected Members of Parliament among the divide and the general populace today. The reputation and image you have carved for yourself must not be destroyed at this time in your public career. Should the Privileges Committee invite you, I implore you to offer all the evidence you can or have gathered to redeem your image.

Additionally, you would have done a great service to this nation in as far as those we elect to fight for the interest of the poor people of this country are concerned.  The benefit that will accrue to you personally would be more than losing your membership of that House. There is life beyond politics but that life would be premised on sincerity, honesty and courage. After all, what is in a man if he cannot be pointed out as an example for others to emulate?

So my brother, this is the long and short of my letter to you in these hard times and difficulties. Poverty we can overcome, but a bruised and dented image and reputation can never be reclaimed no matter what good we do next. I wish you the best as you work out there for mother Ghana. As you know, as for me, only mahogany bitters is my problem but in case you decide to procure for me a pint of White man?s mahogany bitters, well, I will not refuse it ooo, particularly when the appreciation of the dollar by the cedi is making things worse for us back home.  It is also becoming difficult for us to remove the trees under schools even though we are heading towards the rainy season.

Until I hear from you, it is your lovely friend writing you this missive in the brightness of the sun in Ghana. Yours sincerely.


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