President of the Teacher Trainees Association of Ghana, Abdulai Muntaka has described as unfortunate, the decision by President Mahama to scrap the allowances due teacher trainees.

?We see this decision by the government as an impediment rather than [contributing] to the development of education; particularly building education in the country. This decision is going to be an impediment in the development of education,? he stressed.

According to Mr Muntaka, the allowance was introduced to serve as a motivational ?package and attraction? to teachers in the teaching profession. 

?Over the years the allowance has played that role to a great perfection.?

He disputed claims that the withdrawal of the allowances will save government money and suggested that government could introduce other measures to raise more funds.

?There are several ways in which the government could generate funds to take care of these numbers it intends to admit into the colleges of education, the government could decide to introduce the fee paying policy into the colleges of education just as happening in some of the tertiary institutions in the country.

The government could have also decided to expand the sandwich programmes and the distant programmes to raise more funds,? he added.

President Mahama on Wednesday announced that government did not have the financial capacity to maintain the allowances given to teacher trainees.

According him, government had not been able to admit the full capacity of the training colleges because government did not have enough money to pay the teacher trainee allowances.



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