Istanbul is the biggest city in the country of Turkey. This city is literally considered to be the nation’s economic, financial and cultural centre of the entire nation. The city is situated at the north-west part of the country and this city encompasses the natural harbor which is named as Golden Horn. There is a very interesting fact about this city which is that it is the only city located in two continents. The city is equipped with good infrastructure and a comfortable base for living. The city has a characteristic of humid sub-tropical climate. The city is well connected by airways and has a number of airlines operating here. Cheapest airline also operates which make a trip to the city cost-effective. Last minute flights are also available but certainly at times they are very costly.

Cheap flights to Istanbul

The most famous and the busiest airport in Istanbul is the Ataturk International Airport.

It was inaugurated at 1924 on the city’s European side and it is twenty four km away from the center of the city. It was founded by the first President of the Republic of Turkey named Kemal Ataturk. It is the twenty ninth airport of the globe in terms of passenger traffic and it is a slightly below Rome’s FCO and New York’s JFK Airports. The Ataturk Airport is also surveyed as the 8th busy airport in Europe in 2011. There is another mighty plan to improve infrastructure by building another runway corresponding to the existing 05/23 Runway. This airport has got four terminals. The Terminal 1 is meant for domestic flights where all airlines dealing in domestic flights operate and it has got a very good infrastructure and amenities. The Terminal 2 is meant for international flights and airlines connecting to all other countries in the Earth are operated from here. Terminal 3 is meant for cargo flights and a lot of cargo flights operate from this terminal every day. The other terminal is named as the General Aviation Terminal.  The International Terminal was inaugurated in the year 2000 and is the most modern and efficient terminal.

Cheap flights to Istanbul

There are frequent flights to Istanbul from all major international airports in the earth. Cheap flights to Istanbul are also available which makes your journey a very cost-effective one. The Ataturk Airport currently faces issues related to capacity. As far as cargo and passenger traffic is concerned, it ranks approximately between 30th and 40th in the world. The total footfalls in this airport are increasing day by day. The number of passengers has become twice in the last five years in the international terminal and it has quadrupled in the domestic terminal. Cheap tickets to Istanbul are available in a number of airlines.

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