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Israel is aiming to increase its revenues from exports of cyber-related technology, products and services to seven billion U.S. dollars in the next few years, double the export revenues its cyber industry generated in 2014, Israel’s top cyber official said Tuesday.

Amazon saw its busiest "cyber Monday" period ever both in the US and abroad

“Israel’s revenues is 3.5 billion dollars a year. Currently we are second to the U.S. in this (global) cyber security market. It’s a combination of services, products and technologies together and we aim to double it in the coming years,” Dr. Eviatar Matania, head of the Israel National Cyber Bureau, told Xinhua.
In an interview with Xinhua on the sidelines of an international cybertech conference in Israel’s coastal city of Tel Aviv, Matania said that Israel’s cyber industry comprises 20 multinational research-and-development centers and 200 local start-up firms.
According to Matania, Israeli exports of cyber-related products and services last year reached 3.5 billion dollars, some six percent of the global market and more than all other nations combined apart from the United States.
The Israeli government has made it a top priority to make Israel a global cyber power. It established the National Cyber Bureau in 2011 and is investing millions of dollars each year to transform the southern desert city of Beersheba into a cyber hub.
In 2014, Israel also started to hold an annual international cybertech conference in Tel Aviv, the country’s second largest city and its economic capital.
“This is a unique exhibition. It brings together technologists, customers, global companies, Israeli start-ups together to see and understand what’s happening in the world, the state of the art of developments of RND (research and development). And they all meet here together, understand each other, work with each other in order to better understand how to shape the future technology in the cyber world,” Matania told Xinhua.
The two-day event, which opened Tuesday and attracted more than 100 multinational companies and start-ups, is the largest cyber event outside the U.S., according to the organizers. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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