Israeli first experiment of wireless charging of a moving electric vehicle was successfully carried out, the financial website Calcalist reported Friday.

The experiment was made by the Israeli hi-tech company Electreon Wireless in a special electric road in the coastal settlement of Beit Yanai.


In the experiment, a Renault Zoe supermini electric car was charged wirelessly from the road.

The company reported that the car drove 25 meters with electricity that was transferred wirelessly 26 centimeters from the bottom of the car.

The wireless charging is made as the deeply-installed coil infrastructure distances the radiation source from the road surface.

The experiment simulated several different road conditions, including water on the road, which the system successfully passed without any change in the car’s performance.

Following the success of the initial experiment, the facility at Beit Yanai will be expanded, and the experimental road will be extended from dozens of meters to a circular orbit of 260 meters.

In addition, the experiments will be extended to additional car models and to buses, using electric buses of the Chinese company Higer.

The new charging method, which allows the use of smaller and cheaper batteries, is expected to save high costs of installing charging spots throughout the cities and transferring power lines. Enditem


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